Doctoral Program

Doctoral Studies in Accounting at The University of Arizona

The doctoral accounting program leads to a Ph.D. in management grounded on solid research methods.

Core courses develop expertise in economics, behavioral sciences, and quantitative methods, and provide a detailed knowledge of contemporary accounting research. Graduates are strong candidates for faculty positions at other Research 1 universities.

The Accounting Ph.D. requires about 3 years of coursework, followed by preliminary oral and written examinations and a dissertation. Overall this may take 4 to 5 years.

There are usually 10-15 students in the program.  

Research and Funding

Students are expected to participate in research efforts with faculty. Current faculty research uses empirical, behavioral and experimental economics techniques to investigate issues in financial and managerial accounting, auditing and taxation.

A limited number of research assistant positions are available for faculty/student projects.

Students are also encouraged to seek scholarships and funding from external sources.

Pending budget decisions, financial support is guaranteed for students through teaching assignments.


Faculty Ph.D.s have been earned at The Wharton School, Penn State, Ohio State, University of Arizona, Southern California, Iowa, and Washington. View all Accounting faculty.

Recent Graduates

Recent graduates have landed positions at Texas A&M, the University of Texas at Austin, Washington University at St. Louis, The Ohio State University, University of Rochester, the Universities of Chicago, Southern California University, and the Universities of Illinois and Oregon.

Dissertations have examined a diverse range of topics in auditing, tax, managerial and financial accounting, based on theory in economics and psychology and using experimental methodologies.

Doctoral Program Resources

View the resources on this site for further doctoral program information:

And if you are an Accounting Ph.D. alum, consider pledging to the Ph.D. Student Fellowship.

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