Shannon Chen

Assistant Professor of Accounting


PhD, University of Texas at Austin
MAcc, University of Georgia
BBA, University of Georgia

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate tax avoidance
  • Tax-motivated income shifting
  • Tax disclosure

Current Research


ACCT 420/520/520I Principles of Federal Taxation

Working Papers

“Negative media coverage and corporate tax avoidance: Determinants and consequences” with Kathleen Powers and Bridget Stomberg

“The effect of innovation box regimes on income shifting and real activity” with Lisa De Simone, Michelle Hanlon, and Becky Lester

“The effect of embedded partnerships on corporate tax avoidance, uncertainty, and noncompliance: A network analysis approach” with Ashish Agarwal and Lil Mills

“Do investors value corporate tax return information? Evidence from Australia” 

Awards and Honors

  • AAA/Deloitte Foundation/J. Michael Cook Doctoral Consortium Fellow
  • Accounting Doctoral Scholar
  • Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund