Shyam Sunder

Associate Dean, Eller MBA Programs
McClelland Professor of Accounting


Ph.D., New York University, 2002
MPA, University of Texas, Austin, 1997
MBA, Indian Institute of Management, 1990

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Analysts
  • Financial Disclosure/Statements
  • Financial Reporting


Acct 682, Advanced Financial Accounting Theory

Publications and Working Papers


Pilot CEOs and Corporate Innovation, with Jayanthi Sunder and Jingjing Zhang. Forthcoming Journal of Financial Economics

Balance Sheet Conservatism and Debt Contracting, with Jayanthi Sunder and Jingjing Zhang. Accepted Contemporary Accounting Research 

Sunder, Jayanthi, Shyam V. Sunder and Wan Wongsunwai. Debtholder Responses to Shareholder Activism: Evidence from Hedge Fund Interventions. Review of Financial Studies. Vol. 27(11) 3318-3342

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Mohanram, Partha and Shyam V. Sunder. 2006. How Has Regulation FD Affected the Operations of Financial Analysts? Contemporary Accounting Research. 23(2): 491-525.

Working Papers:

Financial reporting quality, investment horizon, and institutional investor trading strategies, with Brian Bushee (University of Pennsylvania), and Theodore Goodman (Purdue University) Revise and resubmit at The Accounting Review

The Role of Managerial Overconfidence in the Design of Debt Covenants, with Jayanthi Sunder (University of Arizona), and Liang Tan (George Washington University).  Revise and resubmit at Journal of Management Accounting Research

Earnings Seasons: Analysis of Inferred and Announced News, with Curtis Hall (Drexel University) and Jayanthi Sunder (University of Arizona)

Sunder, Shyam V. 2003. Investor Access to Conference Call Disclosures: Impact of Regulation Fair Disclosure on Information Asymmetry.

Book Chapters, Cases, Commentaries:

Sunder, Shyam V. 2001. "Accounting Rules and Regulations for Intangibles." In Intangibles: Management, Measurement and Reporting, edited by Baruch Lev, Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press.

Jayanthi Sunder, Shyam V. Sunder and Wan Wongsunwai 2015. Who else is affected by activist investors KelloggInsight

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